GP Appointment Types

Book On Day
These appointments can be booked on the telephone or online from 8.15am everyday. 

Book in Advance
These appointments are available to book 1 week in advance. A number of appointments are bookable on the internet

Telephone Appointments
We offer telephone appointments where a doctor will ring you at an approximate time.

Joint Injections
These are conducted by Dr Walling at the Grange Medical Centre, before these are undertaken for the first time patients should be reviewed in a normal GP appointment.

Dr Nathan also has regular clinics for knee injections. 

Contraceptive Implants
These are fitted and removed by Dr Walling or Dr Morris on a Monday afternoon and Dr Carmichael at the Grange Medical Centre. Prior to insertion patients should see a GP to discuss the options and collect a prescription.

Contraceptive Coil

These are fitted by Dr Duodul. Prior to insertion patients should book an appointment with Dr Duodu to discuss the best options.