Family Planning and Contraception Services

We offer a range of options for contraception and are happy to discuss all the available options.

Forgettable Methods of contraception (Long Acting Reversible Contraception)


A contraceptive implant providing excellent cover for three years. It is placed under the skin on the inside of the left upper arm under local anaesthetic.

Depo Provera

A 3 monthly injection, given into the top of your buttock, providing good contraceptive cover.

Other Methods of contraception

Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill (the pill)

A variety of different combined pills are available which work well providing you remember to take them. It  can be used to help control periods and for treatment of period related problems.

Progesterone Only Pill (the mini pill)

These pills work well providing you remember to take them. They are taken every day, and can be used in many women for whom the combined pill is not suitable.

Contraceptive Patch (Evra)

Essentially the combined oral contraceptive pill used as a patch, these are applied weekly for three weeks followed by a week break.

Contraceptive Ring (Nuvaring)

Essentially the combined oral contraceptive pill in a vaginal ring that is easily placed inside the vagina. Users report ease of use and lack of awareness it is in. It is left in for 3 weeks and then removed for a week break followed by insertion of a new ring.


Very useful as protection against sexually transmitted disease but not ideal as a contraceptive alone for preventing pregnancy due to a comparatively high failure rate.

Emergency Contraception

The earlier the better after an episode of unprotected sexual intercourse is the general rule. This is available directly from some chemists. We will endeavour to see you as soon as possible and discuss the options with you, these include a tablet, and insertion of a coil. We will happily discuss ongoing contraception also.

Termination of Pregnancy

In Leeds if you have decided you want to proceed with a termination you can refer yourself to one of the services below. Both these service offer quick acess, can provide counselling and offer ongoing contraception.

BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service)

   Tel:08457 30 40 30 (open 24/7), website:

Marie Stopes International

   Tel: 0845 300 8090 (open 24/7), website:

If you would prefer to see your GP first or if you have significant existing medical conditions then please book an appointment. All our doctors realise this can be a difficult decision and will handle the issues with empathy and sensitivity. All the doctors are willing to refer for terminations. We will also happily discuss ongoing contraception.